With the complexity and advancement of the processing technology, the plants operation becomes more complex. Our assistance to transfer the new information in a simplified and friendly method shall be in big demand. All personnel involved in the facilities, need permanent education and training programs on the new development. The video training shall be helpful in this demand of the processing evolution.

Our innovative training method shall place high confidence in the spirit of all employees in understanding and operating efficiently the facility. The visual video animation have NO CULTURAL or LINGUISTIC barrier with the operator. All the plant process design is displayed as in real-time operation. The processing knowledge, the safety and the environment protection increase the revenue and the profit of the plant.

Translating the drawings of the facility into a clear Real-Time animated colour sound video, demonstrate our skills in engineering background. We are highly reliable in transferring the Know-How of the process requirements to the operational team.

Our Innovative Learning Technology exhibited in Video Animation sessions shall be helpful and used -and not limited to- in the following fields:

 Training the Plant Operators
 Process pilot plants
 Maintenance and Construction
 Project Start-up & Shut down
 Operation technology
 Real time video
 Process Modeling & Control
 Process simulation

 ​​​​​​​ Business Development

​​​​​​​ Commercialization of the Technologies
 Technical Presentation and Seminars
 Sales and Marketing of the products
 Enhancing the Innovative Technology
 Business Development
 Project Engineers and Designers
 Safety-Hazard and Environment protection (HSE)
 Youtube videos