Modularization is the optimum engineering & construction solution in today’s worldwide industrial competitive market. The leading process & energy decision makers have adopted the modularization in building their facilities for many reasons and some are listed below:

 Economic advantages versus the conventional facility’s construction 
 Remote site access
 Extreme site weather conditions
 Efficient Project planning & scheduling
 Efficient engineering changes application
 Lack of regional skilled labor
 Reduced site construction labor
 Minimizing the construction camps
 Extensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) desired
 Repeatable & standardized Modular Units in building the plants facilities
 High density piping areas
Better contructions quality assurance


PACON Process Inc. manufactures high quality Piping Spools for customers in a multi-disciplined industries and applications. 

We have developed a highly skilled team for piping fabrication and facilities dedicated to servicing your projects. With do provide you our extensive experience and services:

Fabrication of various types materials and alloy
 Strict quality assurance fabrication program
 Product delivery on-time as planned and scheduled
Ability to satisfy projects deadlines and priorities
 On-Line data base management reporting
 Competitive prices & costs saving
 Excellent record of fabrication achievement


We do supply the self-structurally supported E-Rooms complete with the following details, but not limited to; and as per the customer’s requirement:

 Integrated self controlled HVAC system
 Air pre-filtered and pressurized as per the standards and applicable codes and the client's requirements
 Engineering design along with the detail drawings
 Weather proof enclosure cabinets
Lighting system
 Fire detection and alarm
 Door closing and opening detectors
 Fire-proof E-Room
 HVAC load calculation
 Equipment selection
 Sound proofing
 Seismic restrains
 Sealed construction to control and minimize the dust and air Infiltration/ exfiltration
 Heat transfer calculation and insulation
 Humidity /temperature and pressure controls
 Pressure & blast relief dampers
 Hydrogen monitors 
 Structural design loads based on the atmospheric site conditions.