PACON Process Inc. is committed to the safety and health of its employees in all its facilities and construction site works. All PACON employees receive an employee safety training session upon hire and are expected to follow the safety and signs procedures. 

For the prevention of accidents and overall safety of PACON’s staff, safety prevention program have been implemented including the Hazard Communication program, the Job Procedures Program, the Emergency Evacuation and Response Program, and the Drug and Alcohol program. 

Routine site safety inspections are performed throughout all of our fabrication facilities and offices as well as hazard analysis of all work areas. Proper training is also an essential part of ensuring our safety success, and we provide heavy equipment operator training as well as extensive training in all other departments of our facilities. 

To further communicate PACON's importance on safety, monthly safety meetings are planned with all employees, and subcontractors, to remind them of important safety topics that must be practiced on a daily basis.

At PACON Process Inc., we place a great deal of emphasis on the safety of our employees, suppliers and visitors as maintaining a safe environment is extremely important to us. Working together, we can eliminate unsafe situations and prevent the accidents.