Pacon Process

PACON Process Inc is a provider of Modular Customized Units engineered and manufactured to the costumer’s specifications.

PACON is a privately held company, affiliated to Papillion & Sons which is operating across Canada since 1930 in Trois-Rivières (Qc.), Canada.  Trois-Rivières region has a strong history of manufacturing knowledge and highly skilled labor force available in the vicinity.

Our experienced team allow us to respond quickly to customer needs and ensure that projects are completed properly, on-time, on-budget and with the highest standards in safety and quality.

These strengths allow us to maintain the highest standards of quality, while remaining efficient and cost-competitive in today’s global market.

Our Mission

PACON Process Inc.’s team drive every project with innovative engineering approach optimizing efficiently the operating process parameters of the modules supplied. Intensive 3D Model reviews are achieved regularly with the project representatives to raise all design issues, dimensions, spaces and improvements on time. No detail is left for ambiguities: Every concern is encouraged to be addressed by all our personnel involved directly or indirectly in the project.

The hazard analysis is performed by our engineers on each order and submitted for the client’s approval prior project start-up. We adopt the modular skid design to countries codes & local regulations.

The product quality is strictly assured in the application of ISO programs and PACONs Supplier Manual. Our group’s integrity, persistence, dedication and low staff turnover have been the key to our success.